Donor Acknowledgements

Thank you to those who have donated time or funds to support this project.

Carry the EARTH Volunteers

These individual and organizations have contributed time, talent, ideas and and funding to make this project possible.  Without them Carry the EARTH would have been only a fleeting idea.

Ronnie Siegel
Peter Siegel
Lisa Larson
Steven Youra
Amy Nettleton

Ralph Hamilton
Donna Golkin
Alan Leon
Joseph Beyer

Carry the EARTH Sustainer

Platinum Donors

$500 +

Dana Marjorie Alpern and Susan Alpern Fisch
Child Educational Center
Donna and Perry Golkin
Susie Haleblian
Lisa Larson
Ronnie and Peter Siegel
Roslyn P. Swire

Carry the EARTH Launcher

Gold Donors

$350  – $499

Carry the EARTH Sponsor

Sterling Silver Donors

$200 – $349

Elizabeth and Holgar Besch
Roberta Goldberg
Ralph Hamilton
John Lambert Pearson
Shelly and Jeff Peller

Carry the EARTH Supporter

$100 – $199

Robert and Bya Berger
Bettina Hubby
Ulla and Karl Jacobs
Michael and Donna Kluch
William Lampkin
Alan Leon
The Pans
Picture Perfect Construction
Susan and Brad Ratliff
Alex R. Siegel
Joe and Jill Waters
Richard Wylde
Amy Nettleton and Steven Youra

Carry the EARTH Healer

$1 – $99

Susan Auerbach and Bryan Langholz
Jim and Valerie Butler
Helen Kuskin
D. Cuddy and S. Marcin
Ben Diedrich
Hillary Hunter
Cathy and Phil Rulloda
Eric Sautter
Joanne and David Schonfeld
Jackie Sherman
Luisa and Theo Siegel
M. Srinivasan
Diane and Gabriel Swire
The Creative Fund
Judy and Curtis Tucker