Globes in Motion

The map below shows the current location of each globe. Below the map, explore the many earths.


Click on any map point to identify each Earth’s location.


Click on your globe to post your story or to follow its journey and read the stories of those who have carried this Earth.

Earth 1

Earth 1 Ecosystems

Earth 2

Earth 2: Ocean Currents Carrying Whales
Ocean Currents Carrying Whales

Earth 3

Earth 3: Migration

Earth 4

Earth 4: Atmosphere, Clouds & Wind
Atmosphere, Clouds & Wind

Earth 5

Earth 5: Earthbound Threads
Earthbound Threads

Earth 6

Earth 6: Ring of Fire
Ring of Fire

Earth 7

Earth 7: Plant World
Plant World

Earth 8

Earth 8: Pearl Ocean, Jade Land
Pearl Ocean, Jade Land

Earth 9

Earth 9: Precious Metals
Precious Metals

Earth 10

Earth 10: Cosmic Balance
Cosmic Balance

Earth 11

Earth 11: Penguins World
Penguins' World

Earth 12

Earth 12: Where the Jellyfish Are
Where the Jellyfish Are

Earth 13

Earth 13: Silverfish

Earth 14

Earth 14: Bubbles and Droplets
Bubbles and Droplets

Earth 15

Earth 15: Penguins on Antarctica
Penguins on Antarctica

Earth 16

Earth 16: Fish Schooling
Fish Schooling

Earth 17

Earth 17: Aurora

Earth 18

Earth 18: Voices of the Future
Voices of the Future

Earth 19

Earth 19: Sounds Blend to Music
Sounds Blend to Music

Earth 20

Earth 20: Fish

Earth 21

Earth 21: Rainbow

Earth 22

Earth 22: Rivers

Earth 23

Earth 23: Oceans Teaming with Life
Oceans Teaming with Life

Earth 24

Rain & Snow

Earth 25

Earth 25: Natural Forms
Natural Forms

Earth 26

Amigurumi Earth

Earth 27

Don't Play Games With Mother Nature

Earth 28

Earth 28: Endangered Earth

Earth 29

Earth 29: Feed Me Greedy Earthlings
Earth 29: Feed Me Greedy Earthlings

Earth 30

Earth 30: A Message in a Bottle

Earth 31

Plastic Oceans
Plastic Oceans

Earth 32

Time Capsule June 2019
Time Capsule June 2019

Earth 33

Scorched Earth
Scorched Earth

Earth 34

Earth Time Bomb
Earth Time Bomb

Earth 35

Manmade Extinction
Manmade Extinction

Earth 36

Prayers in the Wind
Prayers in the Wind

Earth 37

Wooded Earth
Wooded Earth

Earth 38

Seeds for Change
Seeds for Change

Earth 39


Earth 40

Fragrant EARTH

Earth 41

Dreaming of an Endless River

Earth 42

Our Common Bond

Earth 43

Precious Little Things

Earth 44

Edible EARTH

Earth 45

Nature by Day, Cities by Night

Earth 46

Shattered Earth

Earth 47

Clouded Earth

Earth 48

Recycled Earth

Earth 49

Covid-19 EARTH

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