Make A Globe

We would love to introduce new artist-created globes into our fleet. If you are interested in making a globe to donate to our project, read on.


The design of your globe is up to you, as an artist. All globes must follow the guidelines below. If you would like to discuss your ideas before creating a globe, feel free to contact us.

After creating your earth, use the submission form below. Once your globe is approved, we will give you a number and passcode to add to the globe and we will create for you a blogsite on Carry the EARTH. All globes must have painted on them our website address and the assigned number and passcode before you launch them.

Your Earth must be:

  • safe to handle
  • non-toxic
  • washable
  • durable
  • biodegradable
  • under 10lbs (4.5kg) in weight for ease in transport
  • under 6in (15.25cm) in any width/diameter

Your Earth must include:

  • our website address
  • a number we assign
  • a two digit passcode for registration

Before you get started...

If you are not sure if your globe meets the environmental guidelines or you wish to discuss your idea with us before you start to create, please fill out our general contact form to get in touch.  When you are ready to submit your globe officially, please fill out the Artist Submission Form below.

Carry the EARTH Artist Submission Form

All fields are required.

    Mailing Address

    Is Your Globe .... ?
    Safe to Handle

    Please attached photos of your globe from all sides. You can upload JPG, PNG, PDF or TIFF files less than 2MB.