What You Can Do

There are countless ways that you can promote our planet’s health. If you received a globe and want ideas, or if you do not have a globe but want to act, check out these suggestions.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Learn how with this Carbon Calculator.

Support Science

Fund scientific research that addresses climate change or air and water pollution.


Teach children to appreciate and care for nature.

Clean Up

Recycle trash from our oceans or on land.

Plant a Tree

Plant native trees in bare or urban areas to increase carbon sequestration.


Create and share art, poetry, literature or music that will inspire others to act.


Create additional globes and register with us to start them on a journey.

Get Political

Advocate politically for policies that promote the planet’s health (contact a legislator, write an op-ed, attend a local zoning or planning meeting).

Advocate Locally

Advocate locally for planning methods, landscape architecture, and architectural practices that promote sustainability.

Act Globally

Promote foreign policies or other actions that help countries around the world to reduce pollution or mitigate climate change.


Discuss and promote the Carry the EARTH project on your own FB feed, blog site, local news feed, etc.

Donate to a Non-Profit Environmental Organization

Support your favorite organization or consult this list for some of our favorites.

Have an idea you want to share?

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We want to create a space where you can share stories about how individuals make a positive difference in our shared home so that we can inspire others to take direct action for our Earth.